Scrum Day 30.06.-01.07.2022

According to the motto "MOVING THE SCRUM DOWNFIELD", the agile community gathered at this year's Scrum Day. KEGON was also present in Filderstadt near Stuttgart with an exciting presentation by Peter Schnell and the Scrum team Antje Schuck and Jonathan Batsch.

Whether on-site or #Remote, it was all about innovation and inspiration paired with outstanding keynote speakers and exciting presentations.

As in previous years, KEGON was right in the middle of the Scrum community. Jonathan Batsch and Antje Schuck presented KEGON at Scrumday and organised a raffle at the KEGON stand. KEGON consultant Peter Schnell was also at the stand together with Krümelmonster after his presentation and answered the participants' questions. 

The winners of this year's raffle at Scrum Day are: Christiane Seitz and Glenny Es.             

More than 190 people attended Scrum Day 2022 on site or from their screens. In total, Scrumday offered an exciting 40 talks and 3 keynotes. Peter Schnell was pleased that his talk received quite a lot of attention.

What the cookie monster has to do with Scrum and many other interesting things, Peter Schnell outlines in this abstract.                       



When Cookie Monster became Product Owner and we started not doing Scrum by the book....

Theme: Scrum by the book - pain or gain?

Target group: Beginner, Advanced


Why the Cookie Monster? I recently saw a short clip from Sesame Street (which will of course be part of this lecture...) and the Cookie Monster was trying to get cookies in a library. And the librarian, who was getting more and more desperate, tried to explain to the cookie monster why there are books in the library and what you can do with them... I had a feeling of déjà vu... this argumentation and this situation seemed strangely familiar to me... :-) I have some coaching of Scrum teams behind me, introduced Scrum in my own company and helped with others. And there is a lot to report. There is also the cookie monster as PO, disagreeing, not understanding anything or understanding very well but much too opinionated for the team. In the end, the result is rather suboptimal and Scrum did not work. Or the cookie monster has eaten all the delicious ingredients and still expects great cookies. You can be a little creative there, right? Why is the Scrum process so rigid ? I thought agility meant flexibility, adapting to new situations, so you can adapt the process, right ? We release every week now, even if the sprint is three weeks long - what's the problem? If developers make mistakes, they are allowed to fix them in the sprint, I am allowed to do the same with my user story... That's not the only reason why there are various variations of software development processes up and down the country, all running under the label Scrum, many of them not very good in my opinion. I'm certainly pragmatic and you may not have to uncompromisingly establish "Scrum by the book", but I wouldn't do without certain artifacts! How do you guys see it? What are your experiences? How do you deal with the "cookie monster PO"? This interactive session lives from your feedback and I would like to work together with you and your experiences on "best practices" for the Scrum process. What is essential, what can be discussed, and how best to deal with the disruptions to the process? This session will mostly consist of joint group work, interrupted again and again by very short impulse talks, interjections, provocations on the topic.