How do you get into agile the right way?

Agility as a method has become indispensable in many larger companies today: software teams sprint according to Scrum, service units manage their flow according to Kanban and corporations suddenly develop new innovative products with scaling frameworks according to SAFe®, LeSS or spotify.

But agility is more than just a new method and newly introduced lean processes and requires a complete mindset change of employees and managers. Therefore, agility cannot be achieved with a 1-2 day training. For this reason, we offer a multi-level program of trainings and workshops to pick up everyone at the point where they are at the moment and which can also be entered crosswise.

The table below gives you an overview of the path from newbee to professional. Depending on your previous knowledge you can of course start at a higher level. If you start at "zero", you will get an all-round carefree program in about 12 months.

Further information and dates can be found in the training calendar or under Training courses.
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LevelPublic offersIn-house offersCross-entry 

5. in-depth courses on „SAFe“

Further SAFe trainings, depending on role, see

All SAFe trainings can also be booked in-house, please inquire


4. Basic „SAFe“

Leading SAFe

Special in-house SAFe workshops from 4h to 3 days according to customer needs

Direct entry for Scrum/Kanban experienced with practical experience of 6-12 months

3. Basic „Agile Scaling“

Agile scaling models

Special workshops on scaling frameworks from 4h to 3 days


2. Method training (Scrum)

Scrum-Training for

Professional Scrum Master (PSM1)


Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)

Also bookable as Inhouse (please inquire)

Direct entry for Agile beginners with some practical experience 3-6 months

1. Method training (Kanban)

Team Kanban Practitioner


Also bookable as Inhouse (please inquire)Direct entry for Agile beginners with some practical experience 3 months

0: Basis

Agile Basics and Methods (4h)

Special in-house formats for teams/departments from 2 to 2x4h (please inquire)