SAFe Insurance

Agile Transformation at Baloise Germany

The medium-sized insurer Baloise in Germany is following a clear path towards sustainable transformation as part of its current corporate strategy "Simply Save - Season 2". 
Baloise views the agile transformation as a comprehensive change that involves specialist departments, IT and staff units in equal measure. In the context of the joint design and implementation for the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe® for short, Baloise has chosen KEGON as its partner.

KEGON Solution / Services provided

Setting up and accompanying the transformation team

  • Setting up and coaching the transformation team based on SAFe
  • Design and implementation of transformation content around SAFe
  • Strategic consulting and coaching of the board and top management
  • Participation in board and works council meetings around SAFe

Establishing the value stream organisation through Agile Release Trains (ARTs)

  • Conducting all SAFe trainings along the SAFe Implementation Roadmap for the introduction of Agile Release Trains
  • Design and delivery of the Value Stream and ART Identification Workshops
  • Setting up and coaching the Agile Release Trains with focus on the ART lead
  • Co-design and support of ART events in the first PI cycles
  • Durchführung aller SAFe Trainings entlang der SAFe Implementation Roadmap zur Einführung von Agile Release Trains

Establishment of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

  • Support and coaching of the LPM working group
  • Design and introduction of the LPM approach 
  • Conducting LPM for Executive workshops and LPM trainings
  • Coaching LPM Board