SAFe Summit, August 22-25, Denver, Colorado.

Once again this year, a SAFe Summit is taking place in Denver, Colorado. From 22-25 August, 1200 participants will meet on site to return with new input to pass on. KEGON, as a first mover of SAFe, will be present at the 2022 Summit with presentations, as it is every year.  

True to our motto "We're learning!", we are using this year's SAFe Summit 2022, as we do every year, to experience and help shape the further development of the SAFe framework as part of the SAFe community. For security reasons, only 1200 fully vaccinated participants are allowed to be present on site this time. On the one hand, this offers those present the opportunity to engage even more intensively with the material and pass on what they have learned; on the other hand, not everyone who is interested will be able to attend this year's Summit. To make it possible for those absent to benefit from the information at the SAFe Summit, online content will be offered afterwards. KEGON will participate with four speakers, as well as a customerstory of the cooperation partner Seibert Media.

The KEGON Summit Team 2022 consists of Thorsten Janning, Niko Kaintantzis, Silke Kainzbauer, Kurt Jäger and Peter Weingärtner, who is responsible for the Customerstory of Seibert Media. The colleagues can be found on site at the booth of our cooperation partner Seibert Media.

Thorsten Janning, SPCT, SAFe Fellow

This year, SAI invited Thorsten Janning to report on the Agile transformation of an authority and to present this customerstory "Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior " to the broad SAFe community.

Niko Kaintantzis, KEGON Switzerland, SPCT

In his presentation, "What matters when working in multicultural environments," Niko Kaintantzis looks at the increasing importance of multiculturalism. He shares what he has focused on to unite team members from different nationalities and the stories and paradigms he has changed to better connect with the experiences and culture of training and workshop participants. Learning objectives of the presentation are:

  • understand the importance of empathy
  • Learn to apply/respond to real stories in context
  • Analyze "blind spots" in transformation

Silke Kainzbauer, SPCT

The presentation "Building Unrelenting Improvement into the DNA of an Organization", addresses the question of what it takes to be successful in business agility. Silke Kainzbauer also concludes that a rapidly adapting business is the most important aspect for success in agility. This includes continuous improvement in all parts of the business, as an important part of everyday work. In most companies, the incentive for improvement is quite high immediately after the launch of an ART. However, only a short time later, little attention is paid to the idea of continuous improvement and improvement methods. The learning objective of this presentation is to identify the drivers and barriers that affect long-term development and improvement after an ART. Leaders of a company will learn how to model continuous improvement and thereby guide their employees.

Kurt Jäger, SPCT,
strengthens the Summit team and will be happy to answer your questions at the booth of our cooperation partner Seibert Media.