KEGON Spotlight Training Courses

Spotlight - 2-hour training courses on Agile topics

You want to quickly learn about a topic related to agile or deepen your knowledge in a specific area?

Then our KEGON Spotlights are exactly the right format for you!

Benefit from our many years of expertise in the area of scaled agility and let our trainers bring you up to speed in two hours.

LPM Spotlight: Your tasks as Lean Portfolio Manager in quick overview (2h)"
Spotlight "Growth-Mindset-Training"

Lean portfolio management also only boils with water. But what makes it different? In this 2-hour training, learn about the tasks of Lean Portfolio Management at a glance and join us in shining the spotlight on selected established practices.

249,– Euro  (plus VAT)

A "growth mindset" describes the way of thinking that success is based on constant learning, training and hard work. This attitude is the basis of agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban or SAFe. With the approaches of the "Growth Mindset" companies are supported in the sustainable development to a "learning organization".

 149 Euro (plus VAT)

Spotlight „Lean-Agile Leadership“ (2h)"
Spotlight "Virtual PI Planning (2h)"

Our world is changing rapidly, becoming less predictable, more complex and more contradictory. And with this change comes a change in the traditional role of the leader. One answer to this can be lean-agile leadership. This requires a new role model and self-image of leadership.

149,– Euro  (plus VAT)

Program Increment Planning as a Big Room Event (PI-Planning Event or PIPE for short) is the most important element of a SAFe® implementation.After the 2-hour workshop, participants should have an overview of changed requirements for people, technology and organization of a Virtual PI-Planning Event. Prior SAFe experience required.

149 Euro (plus VAT)

Spotlight „Systemic questioning techniques“ (2h)
Spotlight "From error culture to learning culture" (2h)

For efficient conversations, asking targeted questions is fundamental. All this can be learned and internalized with regular practice. This workshop offers a practical introduction to the topic and gives you the basics. Systemic questioning techniques are based on social systems theory and focus not only on individuals, but on the entire system.  

149,– Euro  (plus VAT)

Mistakes are human, they say. But is our way of dealing with mistakes also human?
In this 2-hour workshop, participants will learn about starting points for improving the error culture so that they can transform it into a learning culture.
They will know and understand the difference between blame and responsibility and reflect on their own behavior regarding self-responsibility in exercises.

149 Euro (plus VAT)

Spotlight: ""Psychological safety" (2h)
Spotlight: "MVP - Minimum Viable Product Workshop" (2h)

"Psychological safety" describes a protected space in companies where employees can freely express their thoughts and opinions. This is a prerequisite for a true "agile mindset" of modern companies and thus also a basic requirement for agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban or SAFe.  

149,– Euro  (plus VAT)

Agile methods aim at incrementally delivering products to customers and constantly improving them through frequent customer feedback. In the training, experienced Agile and Lean Startup coaches show the basics and background of the Lean Startup mindset, theory and application. 

149 Euro (plus VAT)

Spotlight "Thinking in solutions as an agile mindset" (2h)

Oh dear, another problem. Not that one too. We'll never get out of this one. How could this possibly happen? When your thoughts revolve exclusively around the problem there is no energy and attention free for possible solutions. By focusing on solutions, i.e. thinking in terms of solutions, you direct your energy towards your goals (in the future).

149,– Euro  (plus VAT)

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